Which means of transportation should I choose? Everytime we plan a trip we make a decision on how getting to our destination.

Public transport (train, bus) is more and more common and chosen and, when traveling, our 4-legged friends more and more often share the journey with us.

Accordingly, why don’t consider the idea of creating ad-hoc spaces, in particular in these crowded situations?

And also why, don’t organize more pet-friendly cruises and ferry-services? Benefits would be tangible to everybody, including a new target who could choose this means of transportation for his / her holidays.


  • Design of ad-hoc spaces for people traveling with dogs
  • On-site classes on how accommodating tourists with dogs
  • Guidebook on booking services
  • Handbook on dogs, coiceived for operators
  • Special reserved discounts on specific products
  • Creation of dog-friendly and entertaining activies
  • Consultancy and training for transport facilities workers


Supply of cost-effective specific products and tools to trasport the dog in public and private spaces (e.g. cabin) made of appropriate materials, and of specifically-formulated cleaning products minimizing smell and bacteria.