Frequently Asked Questions



  • Because one in two Italian people has a dog and more than a half of those traveling with them change destination if they don’t find an appropriate accommodation for their friend (source: Tripadvisor survey, 2015).

  • Because it’s a market growing about 20% every year.
  • Because dogs can be considered the new tourists.
  • Because it develops your business.
  • Because it improves your reputation.

That’s not what we suggest. Our aim is to improve the use of rooms: normally, you will make a limited number of rooms available for them (the rooms can also be used after their stay, with certain precautions), in proportion with your facility’s capacity.

EVERYONE’s final perception will be that your hotel is more “human”, not more “for dogs”.

Also, let’s admit this – do you really think that hotels accepting families with kids are hotels reserved to children?!

First of all, it’s important to note that people traveling with dogs have well-behaved dogs, because they’re used to do so. Moreover, we can help you introduce some “best practices” to encourage travellers to reduce inconveniences, such as preparing rules of conduct (which we plan and provide) defining the rules to be respected during their stay.

We can help you avoid unpleasant situations, especially before training your staff.

Finally, those taking their dogs with them on holiday are generally very careful, because they want to enjoy their stay as well – they don’t want to be bothered by their dog.

After the stay of travellers with pets, rooms are cleaned with specific products for in-depth disinfesting and sanitizing.

Moreover, please remember that dogs must be admitted into hotels only upon presentation of their health booklet, certifying all the prophylaxis and antiparasitic treatments they did.

Finally, also remember that we can help you find the most appropriate rooms and paths for this kind of tourists.


We help you accommodate tourists with one or more dogs without any problems or inconveniences, making that an opportunity for your business and your reputation. We help you train your staff, find appropriate items, provide the most effective pet-friendly cleaning products, offer an expert consulting to help you checking in and out your customers while making dog-owners feel really welcome.

We offer many services with several combinations and opportunities.


You and your traveling dog deserve more that what facilities usually offer. You deserve better equipped rooms, specific services, educated staff, etc. We collaborate with hotels to help them offer you a peaceful, better stay.

Visit our website and click on Certified Facilities. But remember: we are a developing start-up and we are always working hard to increase the number of hotels meeting Trippet’s standards.

You can help us achieve that: why don’t you become part of our community and tell us what you enjoyed more (or less) of your stay? Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages or subscribe to our Newsletter: we will keep you updated on the evolution of our project and you will be one of the first to know about news and promotions. Our community of 6-legged travelers is so important to us!

Trippet’s mission is TOGETHER, WHEREVER: we believe that our pet friends should be with us in (almost :)) every situation.

That’s why we also collaborate with companies, large retailers and other fields where experts of integration between humans and pets are needed. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take your dog with you at the office? Or attending events encouraging a smart use of shopping centres also for “dog customers”?

We do not only aspire to a more fair world, we also work in order to provide attentive and reasonable help for improving accessibility for pets, wherever that’s needed.

In Italy, quality standards for accommodating travellers with dogs does not exist. Mostly (luckily, not always), your pet will be offered a bowl of water at the best.

However, we believe that we can and should do more in order to achieve a really inclusive, modern tourism, where our pet is definitely part of the family. Our project aims to collaborate with hotels and travellers to find together a shared quality standard that can become, throughout the years, a useful point of reference for travellers with 4 more legs traveling with them!